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With your crucial support, Network for Animals (NFA) has helped save the lives and secured the future of 640 dogs that live at Sasha’s Shelter in Nis in Southern Serbia.

When Sasha, a truly brave devoted animal lover laid criminal charges of animal cruelty against the municipal pound, a place where there is overwhelming evidence of appalling cruelty, the authorities responded by threatening to close Sasha’s Shelter. If that had happened the 640 dogs that live there would have suffered an excruciatingly painful death.

More than 5000 NFA supporters charged to their rescue and petitioned the Serbian prime minister, asking him to save the dogs in Sasha’s Shelter.

The government listened.

Thanks to our international outcry, the dogs have been saved and the municipal pound placed under new strict regulation. Darko Bulatović, the mayor of Nis has ordered that volunteers from Sasha’s Shelter are to be given unrestricted access to the local municipal pound.  Volunteers now have the right to remove any dog they feel is being ill-treated or not receiving appropriate medical care and they are to be given a police escort to make sure that the pound complies with the new regulations. The mayor has also ruled that a video camera can be installed in the municipal pound’s operating theatre so that every operation can be filmed and made freely available to ensure proper medical procedures are followed.

Mayor Bulatović acknowledged the role that NFA played, saying that without the concern our supporters showed, he might not have known about the problem.

Ana Mitrovic of Sasha’s Shelter has asked us to thank each and every one of our supporters who signed the petition: “from the depth of her heart.”

This is a great day for dogs but our effort is not over yet.  NFA has pledged to raise money for Sasha’s Shelter, a wonderful haven for needy dogs.

Please help us ensure that Sasha can continue to care for dogs with love and dedicated passion – and to continue our efforts to save even more animals from cruelty at the hands of truly vile individuals.


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