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It’s hard to believe, but to some people dogs are just tools to be used and thrown away. That’s what Remus’s owners said when he became sick.

They dumped him in a wasteland near Athens, and left him to die.

When Ghost Dogs, Network for Animals’ partner in Greece, rescued Remus he was a walking skeleton, full of open sores and carrying two diseases. Together we financed his rescue, provided veterinary care and found him a foster home while he convalesces.

Remus is still so thin you can count his ribs, but with our love and help – and your generosity by contributing today, he will get better.

Remus is a hunting dog, all big ears and a clever nose, a dog who likes to be petted, I will never understand how anyone could throw him away like a piece of trash.

I have to tell you that Remus is not an isolated case. There are thousands of dogs like Remus all over Greece; the British news service, BBC estimated that there are TWO MILLION abandoned dogs in a country so poor, people can barely feed themselves and so discard their dogs like junk to save money.

NFA is on the ground every single week helping dogs in distress in Greece. Aspropyrgos, the area where Remus was found, is a dumping ground for dogs and we never go there without finding more frightened, lost souls bewildered to find themselves homeless and alone. They are called Ghost Dogs because when our volunteers arrive to feed them, they emerge from nowhere, eat and disappear like ghosts.

Winter is the toughest time…

Aspropyrgos becomes rain drenched and windswept and temperatures plummet, the dogs rarely find food or shelter.

I have promised that this coming winter, with your support, NFA will feed every single dog (and that’s hundreds) throughout the winter months. I’ll also provide veterinary care whenever I can.

I can only do this with your help, so please give generously so that dogs like Remus and all the other poor creatures, can at least have the comfort of a full stomach.

For the animals,

Brian Davies

PS: The first snowfall in Greece is likely just a month or so away. The harshest of times is almost upon hundreds of abandoned and suffering dogs just like Remus. Please help NFA prepare to help feed and care for all of them by donating whatever you can today.


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