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When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, we asked our supporters for help rescuing stranded animals We had a wonderful response and in a few days raised $60,472.00, every single cent of which we gave to the Houston SPCA.

Thanks to our supporters, some 600 animals, mostly dogs, were rescued. The situation was extraordinary and unprecedented – it may sound incredible but seven rescue boats were required to locate and save animals. More than 100,000 homes were wiped out.

So far, some 200 rescued animals have been reunited with their owners. The SPCA is committed to the same happy ending for all of them.

“Our supporters made it possible for Network for Animals (NFA) to be there for the animals when they most needed help,” said NFA’s Paul Seigel. I want to pay tribute to each one of our supporters who made a donation. When the animals needed you, you were there for them. Thank you.”


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