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Rest In Peace, Laurel.

Sad news from England is that one of the four abused ponies you helped us save has died. When he was rescued, he had an injury to his side and, with our help, his new home at the HUGS Foundation in Bodmin, England, gave him the very best of veterinary care - unfortunately, he did not seem to be getting better.

X-rays showed the injury was worse than originally thought and that scattered bone fragments from a broken hip were causing him pain and distress. Sadly, there was no chance of a positive outcome for him, so HUGS made the difficult decision to put him out of his pain and let him rest in peace.

The only comfort we can offer is that, thanks to NFA supporters, he was showered with love during his last few weeks.

The other three ponies are doing well, and we will keep you up to date on their progress. They have been named Moomin, Dobby and Dick Dastardly. Here are some recent pictures.


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