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In a typical Organized Horse Fighting Derby, seventy two horses will endure repeated kicking and biting. For some, the price will be much higher: Rape and death. Bets on a single fight can reach one-million Philippine Pesos ($20,000/£15,000), and the fiesta organizer will take home at least 500,000 pesos ($10,000/£7,500) in profit.

The fighting is illegal, yet widespread, and with such large amounts of money involved, many officials look the other way. Network for Animals team members risk their lives every-day that we stand against organized horse fighting, documenting fights and campaigning within Mindanao to end the spectacle.

It gave us great pleasure on Friday 6th November, when Mayor Lopez of Santa Cruz in the southern Philippines announced the end of Organized Horse Fighting under his jurisdiction to our team campaigner and veterinarian, Dr Medino Yebron:

The area’s police chief will now actively investigate leads provided by our team, and attempt to close down all organised horse fights before they occur. As well as monitoring for the local police, Network for Animals will now provide vital horse clinics and animal welfare presentations across the region.


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