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Your donations have enabled us to hit the ground running in 2024, rushing emergency relief to animal victims of war and providing ongoing support for countless cats, dogs and equines affected by hunger, disease, overpopulation, and drought.

Here are the animals our supporters helped in January.

Arusha, Tanzania 🇹🇿

Providing suffering street dogs with care through a fully-equipped mobile vet clinic

In rural areas of Arusha in northern Tanzania, hundreds of homeless dogs roam the streets unfed, untreated, and unloved. Together with our partner, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA), we are working around the clock to help alleviate the suffering of the animals.

Our team works to deworm, vaccinate, sterilize and provide veterinary treatment to as many street dogs as possible using the limited equipment they have. But what the animals really need is a quiet, sterile area in which to receive treatment. We reached out to you for support, and thanks to your generosity, we raised the funds to purchase a fully-equipped mobile veterinary unit to provide care to vulnerable animals in Tanzania in a secure and stress-free environment.

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Credit: NFA/Jo Higgs

Israel-Hamas war 🇮🇱 🇵🇸

Rushing rescue, food and medical care for donkeys and horses trapped in the war zone

Sadly, the harrowing Israel-Hamas war continues, leaving a grim trail of death, destruction, and despair in its wake. Countless helpless animals, including donkeys and horses, are starving and terrified in a dangerous war zone in Gaza as a blockade restricts the flow of food and supplies into the region. In times of crisis, we are ALWAYS there for the animals, no matter how challenging the situation.

Thanks to the unwavering generosity of animal lovers like you, we enabled a daring rescue mission – saving 143 trapped and suffering donkeys and horses from Gaza, rushing them to safety at our partner sanctuary in Israel and providing them with vital food and veterinary care.

For the safety of our team, specific details about the rescue operation cannot be disclosed. Your generosity surpassed our fundraising goal, allowing us to supply our partner sanctuary in Israel with the funds needed to feed and care for the 143 rescued animals for an entire MONTH.

We’ve also secured enough funds for fuel to keep rescue vehicles operational for the next month, allowing us to save even more lives. You are a hero for more than a hundred equine victims of war. Thank you for being there for the animals in their darkest hour of need.

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Matabeleland, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

Conducting an emergency relocation of starving donkeys in drought-stricken Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, a crippling drought pushes countless helpless donkeys to the brink of starvation. The drought has ravaged much of the region – drastically reducing the availability of fodder, sending costs skyrocketing and leaving countless animals to die. Facing a severe scarcity of food, our partner, Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary (MARES), reached out to us with an urgent plea to help conduct an emergency relocation of 50 donkeys to an abundant piece of land in northern Zimbabwe.

Thanks to your support, we reached our fundraising goal and will move the starving animals to an area where grass is abundant.Your donation will ensure a safe and comfortable relocation, covering the necessary transport, care, and sustenance as the donkeys adjust to their new home. Thank you for being a lifeline for the desperate donkeys of Zimbabwe.

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Credit: NFA/Haldon Krog

Latest Updates

Lamu, Kenya – carrying out a mass sterilization program to help street cats. On the streets of Lamu East, countless sickly felines are plagued by starvation, disease, and death. Our donations have made a real difference, helping us sterilize 776 cats. Your generosity has played a massive part in breaking the cycle of suffering for street cats caused by overpopulation. The cats now have a chance at healthier, happier lives – and it’s all thanks to you. Read more.


Credit: NFA/Dan Snyder

Dubrovnik, Croatia – the seven-year journey of the Zarkovica dogs. The Zarkovica shelter was established with good intentions, but soon became an unsuitable place for abandoned dogs. It took seven years, but thanks to your support, NFA and partners from Animal Friends Croatia cataloged more than 300 dogs, provided emergency medical treatment, and funded transportation to new forever homes, temporary foster homes, and a new shelter. Every supporter who donated to this cause can celebrate and sleep easy now! Read more.


Kalymnos, Greece – encouraging compassionate care for cats. The Kalymnos Cat Project is dedicated to feeding and sterilizing street cats. Through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness program – made possible entirely by your generosity – we recently funded the sterilization of twenty-one cats from one street colony. Together, we are making a positive impact, one paw at a time! Read more.


Credit: Kalymnos Cat Project

Montenegro – fighting for animal protection legislation. After four years of continuous lobbying, our partner, Team Korina, saw its suggestions incorporated into new criminal laws, with increased penalties for cruelty towards animals in Montenegro. For the first time, organizing, aiding, abetting, promoting, attending, and profiting from animal fights is now a criminal offense, and those found guilty could face imprisonment. Penalties for animal abuse now also include significant prison terms. We are committed to continuing the fight for animal justice, and we thank you for making this possible. Read more.


Credit: Team Korina; NFA

Geita, Tanzania – good news for donkeys! Thanks to your donations, we have launched phase two of our critical campaign to alleviate the suffering of 200 overworked donkeys at a gold mine in Tanzania. Our partner, ASPA, recently took a mobile clinic to the region, successfully deworming 163 donkeys and treating 72 with severe injuries. Your support also enabled us to distribute newly designed padded pack saddles. Donkey owners will only be compensated for trips if they use the new, humane saddles. Thank you for opening your heart to the donkeys of Tanzania. Read more.


Credit: ASPA


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