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NFA friends, meet Melina. This sweet girl was a victim of wildfires in Athens last month. Unable to escape the flames, she simply had to run along the burning ground no matter how painful it was and the result was that the pads on all four of her paws were almost completely burnt off.

The fires that broke out were among the worst Athens has experienced and the flames were drive by high winds causing what can only be described as an inferno.

Cats’ pads are incredibly sensitive and we can’t imagine the horrendous pain she must have been in.

She was found by a passer-by who took her to the Gerakas Veterinary Clinic. There, vets got to work, calling us to say they could save her life, though she’d be unlikely to ever walk normally again.


Donate now to help Melina walk again!

But what has unfolded over the course of several weeks has moved us to help little Melina as much as we can! She does have a chance of walking properly again, but she needs intensive therapy to do so.

This brave girl, despite her horrific injuries, is a happy cat who just wants affection and love. She seems so thrilled to be alive, despite her circumstance. She even bumps her head against your hand for scratches and cuddles. She cries out in pain when her wounds are treated, but she never scratches or yowls.


The staff at veterinary clinic have fallen in love with her.

Twice daily, two vets gently clean and disinfect her wounds. They carefully re-bandage them each time. When they first met her, they weren’t even sure she’d survive. Now, they’ve realized that with this kind of continued, intensive care, sweet Melina may actually walk and run again one day.

Donate now to help Melina walk again!

Friends, Melina will require at least two to three more months of intensive treatment, which is time-consuming and costly. But if we have promised to do everything we can to help her. She deserves the chance of a normal life and we will do whatever we can to ensure that she will be able to live a normal life. Everyone at the clinic is rooting for her – and by now, we’re sure you are, too.


Melina needs you! Even though the vets have given us hugely discounted rates, we would still need to raise $3,500 to cover the cost of treatment for the next three months. Please donate now to help Melina live a normal life!


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