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Remember Pepe, the dog from Jordan who was tied to the back of a car and dragged along a gravel road, causing him horrific injuries?

We have some wonderful news to share about this ‘miracle’ dog, and how your donations have entirely changed his life. In fact, if you’ve never believed in miracles before, the story of sweet Pepe will change your mind; Pepe is walking, tail-wagging proof that miracles can happen!

Pepe was found in a bloodied heap back in November 2020 after someone tied him to their car and dragged him behind the moving vehicle. He was in such agony, and his body was so broken that we doubted he’d ever walk again – or if he’d survive.

With patience, love and specialized care, Pepe slowly and bravely made a full recovery. Today, we’re happy to report that he has finally found his forever, loving home in the UK!

In June 2021, Pepe left his guardian angel, Rodica Toma Athamneh, and longtime home, the Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection in Aqaba, Jordan, to begin his journey to his new home.

Pepe now lives in Norfolk, England, with his new owners, John and Gwen, and his four furry doggy friends: Buster, Angelina, Christina and Tinks. It’s taken Pepe a few months to settle into his new home, but he is now so comfortable that he even has his own dedicated spot on the couch!

Thank you, Network for Animal supporters, for your generous donations towards Pepe’s recovery and the recovery of so many animals like him. Thanks to you, he is now living the life he deserves: filled with kindness, love and the care of a family who adores him. Pepe is forever grateful, and so are we, and his new family.

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