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It never ceases to shock me that people can be so utterly cruel and callous to animals. This little fellow is called Pico, he lives in Greece where he was kept chained up 24 hours a day, often without food or water. Poor Pico became so desperate that he started to eat himself, first the bones in his feet and then his tail.

When our partner Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos heard about Pico’s suffering, they asked me to help. Together we rescued Pico and rushed him to the vet.

The vets are fighting to save part of his tail, but the damage to his legs is so severe he will have to wear special orthopaedic shoes for the rest of his life. But, thanks to animal lovers like you and me, he will have a life and hopefully a new home where he will get the love he deserves.


My team is on the ground in Athens every day fighting for the estimated two million street dogs who live in Greece, victims of the economic crisis that has ravaged the country and caused people to abandon their pets.

To be honest, when I agreed to help the dogs of Greece, I did not realise how severe the animal crisis was, I have increased my financial assistance over and over again but still more help is needed. Network for Animals will not let the dogs down and my team will work even harder to succor the dogs. Please give generously so you and I can hold our heads up high and proudly say we helped make the lives of dogs like Pico happy instead of hellish.

For the animals,



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