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Sadie was a cute puppy but then she got sick, so her owners locked Sadie in a pen without food and water and left her to starve. When we rescued her, Sadie was skin and bone, full of sores and dying of thirst. Her teeth were worn down because she had been gnawing on rocks to try and survive.


Sadie lived near Franschoek, in a desperately poor area of South Africa where street dogs have short and miserable lives, frequently suffering almost unbelievable cruelty - used as bait in dog fights, living off garbage, often sick and injured...

Our team, and YOU, are these dogs only hope.

The dogs suffer because people in the shanty towns are desperately poor and have never been taught how to care for dogs. You will see worrying parallels to our recent story of young Zeke who also tried to survive eating rocks. Imagine a mindset that says ‘this dog is sick so I will starve her to death.’ The need for education, as well as welfare is absolutely desperate. We can only provide this with your support.

Our team face heart-tugging situations like Sadie’s every day, we bring hope where there was none. What never fails to bring a tear to my eye is that no matter how cruelly dogs are abused, they still trust us. Despite being deliberately starved to death, Sadie wagged her tail in welcome when rescue arrived. It’s dogs like Sadie that we must fight for.


Thanks to Network for Animals and our partner Fallen Angels in South Africa, we rescued Sadie in the nick of time. Through your love, she’s putting on weight and is going to be fine, but she is one of so many desperate dogs. There are thousands of other Sadie’s in South Africa’s poor areas, so please donate if you possibly can, so we can continue our fight for dogs in distress.


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