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Back in March,  NFA urged those of you living in the potential cull zones to show your opposition to the government and make your voices heard by filling in their public consultation.

As well as Gloucestershire, Dorset and Somerset, six new counties are now facing the badger cull: Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, Herefordshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire.

We are delighted to see that so many of you took the time to stand up to Cameron, and stand up for our badgers.


Petition David Cameron today to end the cull


Natural England received 939 responses to its public consultation. Each of them drew attention to the many concerns people have about David Cameron's irrational policy. The full summary can be read here, on the Natural England Website.

General Issues Raised

Out of the 939 responses, the public concerns which justifiably emerged, were public safety, impact on on tourism and local businesses, recreation, and ecological concerns.

  • A total of 661 responses raised a general concern that they believed a licence could have an impact on businesses in the county as a result of people avoiding the area, if badger control was to take place.
  • A total of 386 responses raised health and safety concerns, of which 350 responses were linked to concerns regarding recreational activities. Respondents expressed concerns about their safety when walking on public footpaths, dog walking at night, wildlife watching, horse riding, and camping when shooting was taking place.
  • A total of 192 responses had concerns surrounding the ecology/ecosystems, with some respondents believing that a reduction in the badger population may have an impact on other species.
  • A total of 157 responses raised general concerns about the impact on tourism.
  • A total of 116 responses related to vaccination.

The Government must listen

Network for Animals' Chief Operating Officer, Paul Herring said:

“The badger cull makes no sense whether you’re a farmer, an animal lover, or both. Only four of the 3,853 badgers killed have been tested for bTB, and only one found positive. Over £22,000,000 has been wasted by this government's relentless pursuit of shooting British wildlife, instead of developing the tests and vaccines which would protect cattle and other animals from this disease."


Petition David Cameron today to end the cull



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