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As evening fell on Sunday March 5th, three frightened dogs were expecting to see daylight for the final time. Thanks to the quick thinking of our team, they are still alive.

We spotted the cage at the side of the road in Biñan, south of Manila. As Network for Animals' supporters know all-too-well, it is routine for dog meat traders to keep abducted Philippine animals trapped for days without food or water. The dogs’ mouths are painfully bound and suffocation or heat exhaustion are as likely to claim their lives as the traders’ knives.

Thankfully we had arrived early. Just one dog’s mouth was tied and the cage wasn’t yet full, but we were all-too-aware that armed dog meat trade traders could arrive any minute: we were operating in a dangerously secluded area without police backup.


We took-action quickly, cutting the plastic cord to offer urgently needed air to the poor girl, whom we later named Missy. As soon as our emergency water was lapped up by the three dogs, we took them to the nearest police station.

The other dogs we called Puti and Pavo; all three were given over to our care by the police. Thanks to our quick-thinking, they made it through the night.

The dogs quickly settled into our small canine-holding-area near Manila and through the hard work of our team, and vital support like yours, Puti and Missy have already found safe and loving new homes.

Sadly, Pavo’s ordeal was not yet over. He was diagnosed with a serious disease and needed urgent veterinary treatment to boost his immune system. He is on the road to recovery, but still has a distance to travel. Please cross your fingers for him.

Without the generosity of our supporters and the quick thinking of our team, this life-saving action for Puti, Missy and Pavo would not have been possible. Please make a donation today, no matter how small. Together we can fight for all Philippine dogs.


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