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Catastrophic flooding has beset the South West, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Vast areas are still under water and we are constantly looking out for flood warnings. The impact on people has been dreadful, and our hearts go out to them, but the flooding has taken a huge toll on wild animals too.

So many small mammals and birds are drowning and starving and conservationists have warned that Britain could be facing an “absolutely devastating environment incident.”

Our partner, Cornwall Badger Rescue, is on the ground working around the clock to save those animals. We’ve already provided an emergency grant to them for their life saving work and will continue to support them as they do their best to help wildlife cope with this natural disaster.

Some of the most affected animals are badgers and hedgehogs, who are already at risk. The badgers have suffered from the controversial culls in the flooded counties of Gloucestershire and Somerset, while the region’s hedgehogs are victims of habitat loss.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference:

• £25 covers the cost of 2 bales of hay for bedding for 4 weeks for a badger.

• £50 pays for enough specialized milk to feed a badger cub for 3 weeks or 2 small hedgehogs for 6 weeks.

• £75 pays for a series of injections to eliminate lungworm in a hedgehog prior to release back into the wild.

Hannah, the badger cub above was rescued by Cornwall Badger Rescue. She was found on a pathway at a public garden. Muddy and unable to stand, she was in a very bad way. Her rescuers, fearing the worst, rushed the baby badger to a vet where she received immediate treatment. Amazingly, she began to recover and is now on the road to recovery at the rescue center as you can see from the photo above. Soon she will be strong enough to be re introduced into her natural habitat.

Your support can provide a happy ending for so many more animals. Please help us save the animals most in need during this difficult time:

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