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In the remote hills of Western Thailand, poor Ruth was a victim of one of the saddest, most silent kind of animal abuse.

Her owner watched as she slowly wasted away, dying of hunger.

One day her owner just decided to stop feeding her! How many times she must have gone to her empty bowl, licked at its edges, looked to her owner. Wondering why.

The horror and sorrow of Ruth’s past life never leaves me. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my decades of helping animals, it’s that cruelty takes many forms.

That’s why I’ve been so pleased with the work of our partners at the Thai Animal Sanctuary. They take in any animal who is suffering and being abused, not only street dogs.

They took in Ruth, too. She was a living skeleton by then.

It is costly to bring a dog back from starvation, and Ruth was dying before their eyes. Please, if you can, donate to help us continue their brave work.


Giving so that my team and I can help our partners like the Thai Animal Sanctuary is one of the ways you make a massive difference for animals all over the world.

They really need your help. In Western Thailand where Ruth was being starved, dogs on the streets bear the fresh scars of equally awful abuses.

Many have festering, open wounds, and broken little bodies from being beaten or run over by cars. Many more are sick because no one ever bothered to get them care.

It is so sad to see this kind of suffering, especially when you love animals like we do. And the thing is, even the sickest dogs will try to wag their tails to greet you.

That’s how badly they long for a new life!

I know Thailand may be far from home. I know you may never have been there. But you know the joy of a loving animal friend. You know how it hurts when they suffer.

Your generous donation, of whatever you can afford, will save dogs like Ruth. Please take a stand with me against animal cruelty of any form, and give now.

For the animals,


P.S. The Thai Animal Sanctuary made Ruth a promise that she will always be fed and loved, and it shows. Can you believe how healthy she looks now? Please help us fund their incredible work for the animals.


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