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Staving off the bitter winter cold, it’s hard to comprehend the heat of the Philippines. Draining heat that makes it difficult to work and difficult to think. The humidity is the worst of it.

Our team went on a quest to find dogs fated to be eaten by human beings as a perverted delicacy. As they trekked deep into the jungle undergrowth, they could hear whimpering. They had to keep going. They found a cage full of dogs, some clinging to life, all expecting nothing but death. Hope was gone. The dog meat traders were going to brutally kill them and then they would be eaten.

Thank goodness we’d kept going. Amongst the dead and dying, we found Simon. He was exhausted, but he still had a spark left in him. And now, thanks to your support, he’s recovered and is looking for a new home.


A dog meat trader can earn upwards of $2,500 per week. It’s an astonishing amount of money, and it buys powerful, corrupt, associates.

We recently raided 14 restaurants, all of which we knew served dog. All had been tipped off. Then days later, in pouring rain, we took on a slaughterhouse, finding just a single dog’s paw in the mud. Devastating.


But we will not stop our fight to stamp out the illegal trade in dog meat. Because imagine being Simon. Imagine having no food or water. Imagine being trapped in a cage and surrounded by dying dogs.

2017 will be our hardest year. The odds are against us because the criminals bribe and hide and kill. But no matter what they try, we must win because hundreds of animals need us. For dogs like Simon, please stand with Network for Animals and fight the illegal Dog Meat Trade.


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