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Recently, the Network for Animals team traveled to the coastal village of Xai-Xai, in the south of Mozambique, to undertake a spay and neuter drive with our partners on the ground, Protect Xai-Xai's Furry Friends (PXXFF) and Vets on the Road.

There is no veterinary care in this rural region, and animals that survive here do so despite the odds; however, unlike in many other rural areas, the people of Xai-Xai have come to realize the value in sterilizing their pets, thanks to the work of organizations that have visited over the years. They report that their sterilized dogs are healthier, calmer and more companionable and that their sterilized cats spend more time at home and help to keep rats and mice at bay!

The community was therefore incredibly welcoming of our team and eager to have their pets spayed and treated.

Over two days, our vets managed to sterilize 24 dogs and 23 cats, and also vaccinated and treated over 100 animals. This, despite working under incredibly challenging conditions: no running water, no electricity, and soaring temperatures. Amazingly, the vets are able to make only the tiniest of incisions and then stitch these up internally so that the animals can’t damage themselves. All sterilized animals are given long-acting painkillers and antibiotics after surgery.

Sterilization is one of the kindest and most important treatments you can give to any domestic animal: every animal sterilized means hundreds, if not thousands, of animals spared from being born into difficult and painful circumstances.

All of this is thanks, as always, to your kind donations. We would not be able to undertake wonderful operations like this without your ongoing support. Thank you for being a friend to the animals!


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