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Our founder Brian Davies has been defending seals from slaughter for almost five decades. In 1987 he and his team were the catalyst for a vitally important ban on the culling of baby whitecoat seals. That victory saved more than 2.5 million seals, and remains one of the greatest animal welfare achievements the world has ever known.

Unfortunately, every year the Canadian government still allows hunters to kill seals older than eleven days, so young seals are killed brutally with picks and wooden clubs. This year, the cull has become dramatically, horribly, worse.




Normally the seal hunting season is closed while seals give birth and begin raising their pups. This year, the government is allowing the cull to take place when the babies are still suckling from their mothers. This means that undernourished pups will die in the icy waters, their mothers bludgeoned by hunters.

The expansion of this cruelty is utterly disgraceful, such barbarity has no place in civilised society and will have a devastating impact on baby seals.

Please help seals by asking Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban the cull. Mr. Trudeau has brought gender-equality and cultural diversity to his cabinet. We now ask him to be as enlightened in his approach to animal welfare.


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