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In a remote corner of rural South Africa a few utterly dedicated women fight every day to rescue stray dogs from nearby shanty towns, where dogs’ live lives of hell. Shireen Williams created a shelter called Fallen Angels where the dogs find sanctuary. So huge are the demands on Shireen and her team that Fallen Angels was in desperate straits when Network for Animals supporters stepped in to help by providing a vehicle for their rescue missions.

NFA Founders Brian and Gloria Davies recently visited Fallen Angels. Their hearts went out to the more than 200 dogs who now live there, rescued from abuse and neglect by people with no concept that dogs need regular food and lots of love. Dogs like Jagger who was bred as a fighting dog but is so gentle he refused to have anything to do with the ugly, barbaric dog fights. His owners cut off his ears, poured acid over his face and blinded him in one eye. Fallen Angels saved Jagger, and he is now a happy, tail-wagging love bug.

No matter what time, day or night, Shireen and her team rescue sick and abandoned animals in a huge area around Melkbosstrand in South Africa’s Western Cape. They take them to the sanctuary, feed and provide medical care, love and pamper them and wherever possible find them homes.


With our supporters' help, NFA will build more enclosures, pay for spay and neuter programs, provide more veterinary care and create a play area for the dogs. Dogs like little Norris, who was thrown into a gutter and left for dead. Norris has a new life thanks to your help, but there are more dogs arriving at Fallen Angels every day and we can’t let them down.

A visit to Fallen Angels would move you to tears, as it did Brian and Gloria. Please find it in your heart to make sure Jagger, Norris and their 250 friends remain safe.


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