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We know dogs have good memories, because they recognize us, they scamper along the routes that they love, and they learn important lessons like ‘stay!’, ‘sit!’ and ‘wait!’

But how many dogs do we remember?

And how many do we forget?

I have worked to save dogs from the Philippine dog meat trade since the 1980’s. And thanks to caring people like you, my team have broken into hundreds of slaughterhouses and restaurants, helped create vital laws to protect innocent dogs from hideous traders, and forced moving vehicles off the road to reveal and confiscate their cargo. I am proud of this, but it is not enough.

For every Philippine dog that has lived a happy life and found a safe place in a loving home, there is at least one more that suffers and is forgotten. Ripped from the streets, thrown into a cage and left to wither. What must go through their terrified minds from that moment until they are murdered and eaten in a backstreet restaurant or bar? My heart aches for the poor dogs that we couldn’t get to.

We have come a long way, but there is so much more to be done. When I began this fight there were trucks piled with hundreds of dogs in the Philippine streets, all waiting to die an entirely legal death. Today this cruelty is illegal and the capital Manila is all but free of the trade. But the outlying towns still harbor and protect dangerous criminals, who continue to abduct and kill our innocent canine friends.

I want to end this evil trade and make sure EVERY dog lives a healthy and happy life. Will you help me? Please make a donation today, and together let’s end the Philippine dog meat trade once and for all.

For the animals,

Brian Davies,


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