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A little while ago I told you of the horrifying situation in the area near Tavşanli, in south eastern Turkey where some 10,000 dogs survive by eating the rotting bodies of chickens dumped by 200 chicken farms. The chickens make the dogs sick. The desperate dogs resort to eating puppies. Half-eaten bodies are strewn everywhere.

Ten thousand dogs have no food, no veterinary care, no shelter and are achingly weak. It is so sad. They have no hope, yet they still greet humans as friends.

I thought the situation could not get worse, but it has, the authorities are secretly and illegally killing thousands of dogs.

Veysel Çeken, a former municipal worker, has confessed to police that he and his co-workers were ordered to take street dogs to the town’s animal shelter and murder them.

He and his colleagues murdered more than 14,000 dogs.

Veysel became so sickened, he complained and resigned. Before Veysel’s confession, my team visited the town’s very small, brightly-painted new shelter. We could not understand why we were barred from entering. Now we know. I hate to think that while we were standing at the entrance, dogs were being slaughtered inside, against the law and against all common decency.

I have never seen so many dogs living in such terrible conditions. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, so please watch our video. It tells the story better than I ever could. I have blurred some of the images to spare you, but the really sickening thing is that my team saw horrors so ghastly, they could not bring themselves to film them.

What is happening here has no place in our world.
I am determined to end this disgusting disgrace and need your help to do it.
This heartless and callous behavior towards dogs simply has no place in our world.

I have instructed my team to contact the Turkish government to see that the murderers of Tavşanli are brought to justice and the dogs’ hell ended.

I am under no illusions that this is going to be easy. My team is in for a long and difficult fight to end the torment of dogs in distress in Turkey.

This is how you can help today:

  • Please sign and share our petition with as many people as possible. We want the officials in Tavşanli to be punished and the dogs saved, your signature will help apply pressure.
  • Also, if you possibly can make a donation now so we can provide immediate help to the dogs, where it is so desperately needed.

Urgently, for the animals,


P.S. Only together can we end this despicable injustice. Please, today, right now, watch the video, sign our petition and be as generous as you possibly can. This travesty must end!


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