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Sometimes in my crusade to help animals, I come across something so awful that I feel sick thinking about what evil crimes men commit to make money.

Recently, I sent my team to investigate the situation at the Lujan Zoo in Argentina. They could scarcely believe their eyes.

At this sordid place, zookeepers drug wild animals so that misguided tourists can pet and pose with them.

It’s cruel, it’s heartless and it’s illegal. But until my team came along no one cared.

My team saw tigers so drugged, they were unable to stand, a lion so befuddled that when fed a piece of raw chicken he could not eat it, but with glazed eyes and drooling mouth sank to the floor in a stupor.

All zoos are bad. They masquerade as places that ‘conserve’ wild animals but really, they are animal concentration camps where poor creatures are jailed, so they can be gaped at. This ghastly Lujan Zoo has plunged to new depths that are deeply and fundamentally disgusting.

The lions and tigers are drugged every day so that ignorant people can grin into cell phones posing with wild animals that, in the normal course of events, would and probably should, kill and eat them. If that sounds harsh just look at our video.

What makes this despicable, disgraceful and shameful spectacle even worse is that it is totally illegal. The Lujan authorities just don’t care. However, you and I care.

Let’s work together to have Lujan Zoo closed.
Every day it remains open is an affront to human decency.

You can probably tell that I am angry. I know you will be too when you watch our video.

I promise I am going to fight this with all my might.

The hateful people who drug innocent animals until they are drooling, staggering wrecks must be stopped. As a first step, please share this email. Let the world know what is going on at the Lujan Zoo, post your views on Trip Advisor and other social media and if you possibly can, please give generously to Network for Animals so I can do whatever is necessary to fight these evil people.

For the animals,


P.S. It’s not only lions and tigers that suffer: a solitary chimpanzee sits mournfully in a cage, an old elephant is chained in a pen, a lonely monkey tries to escape. It’s all just so horrible. Please help me stop it by donating whatever you can today.


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