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Orion isn’t dead, he just didn’t have the strength to go any further. Found on May 16th, his body was barely more than a bag of aching bones, waiting to pass away.

The starvation, dehydration, and wounds on his body tell a story of a nation leaving its animals behind. He is one of a million dogs suffering in Greece today, and was close to his final breath when our partners at Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos rescued him.

Network for Animals have been supporting Ghost Dogs since the BBC reported on their plight in 2015, and you can watch our latest video update here. This amazing group of volunteers spend their last pennies on food, veterinary treatment, safe houses for animals, and on beginning the adoption processes to bring abandoned dogs to countries where they will finally be safe.

For dogs like Orion, this means the arms of a volunteer were able to pick up his ragged body, take him to a friendly vet, put him on a drip to re-nourish him, and treat his wounds. Without this, he would literally have died in the street, alone and helpless.


And then there are dogs like poor Elvis, discovered amongst piles of rubbish with a huge hole in his head. His life would have so quickly been over without our help. But instead, he was rescued, taken straight to the vets, and incredibly, is now on the road to recovery. This simply couldn't have happened without generous people like you giving their support.

As dog lovers, we feel for the pain they suffer. So no matter how small, please do make a donation today. Show Orion, Elvis and the thousands of Greek dogs suffering alongside them, just what it means to be cared for.


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