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The dog-meat trade is illegal in the Philippines, and yet the trade is still being practiced in secret. Hundreds of stray, or stolen, dogs are sadistically butchered and barbecued, and their roasted dog-meat is ordered by the pound.  

Network for Animals (NFA) has learnt that one to two stray or stolen dogs are butchered, barbecued and sold illegally in two small eateries, every day. Their internal organs are cooked and sold separately. And this is only a small outfit - around 730 dogs are slaughtered each year.

These dogs are barbarically chopped up in a hidden slaughter alley, with only one way in and one way out. These hidden alleys are so dangerous that even undercover informants for NFA, fear for safety.

“This is unlike any operation we have had before,” says NFA’s chief campaigner, David Barritt.

“One informant has backed out because he feared he might be killed or that the business owner might come for his family. We are building the trust of two new informants, who are terrified we could inadvertently give away their identity and the stakeout location.”

For this reason, NFA has decided not to publish any pictures.

“These animals need our help and because this is not a normal short-term operation, it could take weeks before arrests are made. But we need urgent donations to sustain what is one of our most dangerous undercover operations ever,” said Barritt.

“The team needs approximately $2,000 to continue the operation which includes stakeouts and surveillance equipment, evidence gathering, payment to informants and undercover operatives, and for the absolutely essential assistance of local police officers to join us in the raid.”

“It will work out to just under $10 per dog-slaughter prevented. It’s a small price to pay to save a dog’s life and change their reality.”

You can find out more about Network for Animals and our fight in the Philippines by clicking here.


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