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I have a tale to tell you that will break and then warm your heart because it has a happy ending. It’s about a South African baby rhino named ‘Beautiful Girl’ and I know you will want to help her and her kind after reading this blog.

Here is the heartbreaking element of my story. Beautiful Girl is three weeks old when poachers shoot her mother and launch a brutal machete attack on her as she tries to defend her dying mum. She suffers 22 severe lacerations, some to the bone, and 18 lesser wounds. Her agonising death is certain unless caring hands reach her quickly.

Here is the heart-warming element of my story. By great good fortune, Beautiful Girl was rescued and transported to a rhino orphanage where a veterinarian judged her wounds so severe that she should be euthanised. Refusing to see her die, a dedicated team fought to save her life and won against all the odds.

As of my writing this, Beautiful Girl is 16 weeks old, fully healed and a sweetheart. In time she will be released to a safe wilderness area.

Beautiful Girl is being bottle-fed 24 litres a day of a special and expensive formula that is an exact copy of her mother’s milk. It is a burden on an orphanage that has seven other babies to feed and more to come. 

Over the next three months she will consume 2,160 litres of formula, costing £3,888 pounds.

Please help us to buy it for her.

£18 will buy 10 litres of this milk;
£36 will buy 20 litres;
£72 will buy 40 litres;
...and so on, at a further £1.80 per litre.

Network for Animals has recently opened an office in Cape Town, South Africa, in order to take part in an international campaign against this evil activity while specialising in helping orphaned wildlife. See our news section to hear more about our work in the area.

If you are able to help Beautiful Girl, please consider making a donation to the fund for her milk.  We will continue to update you about her progress via our email updates and this blog.

For the animals,
Brian Davies


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