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Three years ago, we began helping to spay and neuter the countless street dogs that grub out sad lives in a desperately poor South African township called Vrygrond. Working with our partner organisation TEARS, we save dogs from illegal dog fighting rings, provide medical treatment and help rehome animals.

But a desperate situation has become a terrifying one.

Gang warfare has broken out in Vrygrond and murder is commonplace. Every time my team go to save dogs they are at risk of being shot dead by gangsters.

Even though TEARS staff have good relations with local residents, this is no protection from people high on drugs, who consider it a gang honour to murder people. Network for Animals now provides armed guards for the brave workers who risk their lives for the sake of dogs.


The risks they run saves doggy lives and that makes it all worthwhile. Recently, while rescuing sick dogs from the area, we heard there were nearly dead puppies close by.  We rushed to the rescue and I am pleased to tell you that we saved the lives of seven puppies and their mother!  It is these small victories that make me glad to be alive and helping animals.  If only you could meet the puppies we saved, I know you would agree.

Without the help of animal lovers like you, I could not have saved these puppies nor the other dogs we help every day. The situation in Vrygrond is a desperate one and I need to provide even more help. Please, if you can, make a donation so that I can provide more assistance to dogs in distress in Vrygrond.

For the animals,



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