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Inside illegal dog meat slaughterhouses in the Philippines, the collars of the dead are everywhere.

Scattered on tables. Hanging like trophies from ceilings. Speckled with blood.

Each one a haunting reminder that someone’s beloved pet was snatched, bound and gagged without food or water in stifling heat, then tortured and butchered.

And all so some twisted humans can feast off their flesh.

Network for Animals has fought this evil industry for twenty years. But because the dog meat trade is now banned in the Philippines thanks to support like yours, it’s gone underground.

Imagine if your dog was kidnapped, tortured, killed, and eaten! It’s essential that we keep fighting against the illegal dog meat trade, and win. Please will you help us?

The video above will show you what we, and the dogs, are up against.

Smugglers will snatch any dog on sight they see, then cram them into holding cages until enough unlucky souls are collected to make the secret dash to the slaughterhouse worth the risk.

Muzzled so tightly with string that their noses swell with blood, in the suffocating heat they cannot pant. Cannot drink. Cannot eat. Almost half the dogs will die in transit.

Their captors don’t care, it just saves the illegal slaughterhouse the job. The butcher sells both the dead and the living.

Most haunting of all, are the collars, displayed like trophies in these makeshift houses of horror. Please will you donate now to help us end this nightmare?

No dog, ever again, should have to watch another dog hacked or clubbed to death because of due to some sick notion that dog flesh is sweeter if the animal has suffered! Now is when things get tough.

These evil monsters are in our cross-hairs. We’ve kicked down the doors of dog meat traders, pushed police to take on vendors that serve dog meat, risked our lives in roadblocks and slaughterhouse raids and rescued dogs every time.


They are in our cross-hairs. We’ve kicked down the doors of dog meat traders, pushed police to take on vendors that serve dog meat, conducted raid after raid, and rescued dogs along the way.

It’s thanks to your generous funding of our work, and I’m grateful for you every day.

But I just can’t stop thinking about those collars. I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful dogs who once wore them, and the grim, gruesome journey more will face if we don’t reach them in time.

Please. Give generously now so we can collar every loathsome smuggler and trader. Give to help the dogs. Give to help us end the illegal dog meat trade in the Philipppines forever.

The dogs need you. And we need you too. Will you help?

For the animals,


Brian Davies, Founder
Network for Animals

P.S. At one raid we found a freezer stuffed with the butchered corpses of 44 forty-four dogs. 44 friends, who will never again know love. We carefully buried each one. As we did, I promised I would work to my last breath to prevent tragedies like theirs from continuing and repeating! Please, if you can, make them a promise too. Give now to help end the illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines.


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