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As winter approaches, our team of dog meat trade investigators are readying themselves for the toughest season of the year, and they need your help. In the coming months, incidences of dog torture and killing will rise in the Philippines, as a hardcore group of traditionalists celebrate the winter season by illegally eating dog meat.

In the Philippines a stubborn minority hold onto the outdated idea that eating dogs puts ‘heat’ into the body. They might consider dysentery more likely after seeing the total lack of hygiene offered in the backstreet slaughterhouses.

Most dog lovers would do anything to stop a dog going through the torture of abduction and death to be served as food. This is what happens: crippling confinement in a tiny, rusty cage with no food or water in fiercely hot conditions. Crammed in with frightened strangers, whimpering in fear. And finally, brutally, the knife. It needs to be stopped.

NFA recently reported on our team member Perry Baybay, being kidnapped during one of our raids. We know our work is dangerous and will only become tougher as we fight the rising winter tide of cruelty.

Your donation today will help us plan ahead. Your generosity will provide our team with the resources they need to operate safely. Your gift will help us close down dog-meat serving restaurants and bars, and knock down the doors of slaughterhouses.


Please donate today. Help us end this vile dog meat trade and bring all Philippine dogs the safety that they deserve.


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