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I am fighting a WAR against the scourge of rhino and elephant poaching and I need your help to win it. War is a big word but that is what is happening in Africa. Poachers are killing 19 elephants and three rhino every single day.

If we don’t act now elephants could be extinct in the wild by 2030. Rhinos will be gone long before them.

I have been fighting for rhinos and elephants for more than 20 years, never has the situation been more terrible and never has your help been needed more.

I finance canine anti-poaching patrols in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. These amazing dogs sniff out smuggled ivory and rhino horn and track poachers when they enter the game reserve. Kruger Park is a very sunny place so the ground gets hot; the dogs can only chase the poachers so far and then their feet hurt. I had special boots made that slip easily on to the dogs’ feet, so they can run further and faster.

Poachers better beware because of you and other animal lovers like you, the dogs will be hot-footing it after them (excuse the pun).

I recently met two baby elephants whose mothers had died at the hands of poachers. If only you could have seen the way those babies reached out to me with their trunks, seeking love and security. That’s when the true horror of this evil killing comes home to you.

I try to be a good and peaceable person but when I think about what happened to those babies’ mothers, I become so angry. Please, if you possibly can make a generous donation today.

For the animals,


P.S. Only with your help today can I continue fighting the good fight for rhinos and elephants in Africa. Your support will help me continue to keep anti-poaching patrols – with their amazing sniffer dogs - in the field. Thank you so much!


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