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Imagine you are scared...

Imagine you are hungry...

Imagine aimlessly wandering the streets...

Imagine you are Patrick...

You have nowhere to go, no home.  On every corner, angry men chase and attack you with sticks and stones. Your skin itches because you are sick.  It's cold.  Nowhere is safe.

You become so weak...
...you lie down to rest and die a slow agonising death.

Patrick was found near death...  alone, sick, starved and abused because he is a gentle soul.  His owners wanted him to be a security dog in an industrial area of South Africa.  But he was too friendly so they tried starving him to make him vicious.  When that didn’t work, they tossed him on the street and left him to starve to death.


He was found lying in a little bundle, dehydrated and barely clinging to life.

A volunteer from our partners Fallen Angels rushed him to a vet where he had emergency medical treatment.

We SAVED Patrick, but only just.  Looking at him today, it’s hard to believe that he and the near skeleton we rescued are the same dog.


Patrick is well on his way to recovery, but there are hundreds of other Patricks in poverty-stricken areas in South Africa...

I implore you…  please help me help them.

The dogs need rescue, medical care and loving new homes.  You, I and other animal lovers like us, are all the hope that these dogs have.

I could not have rescued Patrick without your help.  Every day, my team is out there on the ground helping dogs in distress and every day we encounter cases of unbelievable cruelty and neglect.

I have spent my life fighting for animals and I won’t let Patrick and the others down but I need your help to do so.  Please give generously today.

For the animals,



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