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Pelusa was saved from the streets of Montevideo in Uruguay, when the A.P.A. El Refugio shelter rescued her and provided her with a safe home. She was found crippled in both of her rear legs and dragged herself around using only her front legs. NFA financially assists A.P.A. and managed to get her a doggy-wheelchair, thanks to our supporters’ generous donations. This allowed her to move around much more easily and, for a while, she was a happy dog.


Sadly, she fell ill. She contracted a urinary infection and was hospitalized. Antibiotics were administered for five days and she seemed better. She was sent back to the shelter where treatment continued. But, one morning, this brave girl suffered from convulsions and died on the way to the clinic. It is heartbreaking that Pelusa did not survive, however, it is comforting to know that she was provided with food, shelter and love before she passed away.

Her doggy-wheelchair is now helping Lobita, another partially paralyzed dog. Animal shelters in Uruguay do not receive any government funding. Without your support, we would not have been able to help Pelusa and the numerous street dogs of Montevideo. Thank you for your kind donations, and we ask that you continue to support us so that we can help more dogs - dogs like Pelusa and the many other dogs like her who are struggling to survive on the streets of Montevideo.


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