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Here’s an update on little Tripod, who we told you about a few weeks ago. Get the Kleenex out!

While evacuating abandoned animals on a feed and rescue mission in Ukraine, our team had to avoid gunshots and explosions. There were several dogs we helped rescue, but one, in particular, stood out: a four-month-old puppy we named Tripod.

Tripod's back paw had to be amputated because it was dangling by a single tendon. His other paws had injuries that required immediate medical attention, including inflammation of the small intestine. The crying pup was in obvious pain when the kind-hearted doctors assisted him, and he is now alive thanks to their surgery. Tripod was then taken and driven to a Kyiv animal hospital.

We're only able to help animals like Tripod because of your generosity. Please keep donating so we can keep helping desperate animals in Ukraine, and across the world.

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