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Thanks to the hard work of Network For Animals supporters, we have scored a major victory against the brutality of Organized Horse Fighting in the Southern Philippines.

In May 2014, our team renewed focus on this violent bloodsport, in which innocent male horses are repeatedly forced to attack each other, to win the 'prize' of mounting a poor mare, tied in the center of a makeshift arena.

By August, our positive campaigning methods had stuck gold in the province of Bukidnon: Their brave Governor Jose Maria Zubiri Jr had agreed to ban horse fighting. Since then, we have continued to monitor the province, and worked with the Mayor to keep pressure on the criminals behind the sport.

Today we are pleased to announce another success. Our most recent campaign has been against a fighting fiesta, which had been illegally scheduled to begin today, and run to the 14th July, again in Bukidnon. We are pleased to announce that the Governor has taken action to stop the event, saving roughly 100 innocent horses from utterly unnecessary fighting, and rape, in the name of entertainment.

Network for Animals will continue to monitor progress in Bukidnon, and now seek to expand our progress into further provinces in the southern Philippines.


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