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Meet Potato, a tiny, crippled puppy with a deformed spine, abandoned at a temple in Thailand. Alone in a land where as many as 100,000 homeless dogs are smuggled into dog-eating countries like Vietnam and China each year, fueling demand for a bloody, butchering meat trade.

As her useless back legs dragged behind her, Potato the crippled pup was in a frantic fight for survival. She was losing the battle, but desperately wanted to live.

Her tiny body was brought to Thai Animal Sanctuary, a brave, shoestring rescue group operating out of remote and poverty stricken corner of Thailand. Their selfless efforts mean that hundreds (ultimately thousands) of dogs and cats just like Potato have a chance at life that didn’t exist before. Were it not for their on-site veterinarian, the next closest care for these gravely ill and injured animals is an arduous four-hour journey away.

When Potato’s tiny body was brought in, they didn’t waste a second. As she gained strength, the vet realised her spine couldn’t be corrected, so she was made a makeshift wheelchair from a roof-rack and a children’s tricycle!

Somehow, amidst the poverty, sanctuary staff are also attempting to spay, neuter, vaccinate and care for hundreds of street dogs and cats, as part of their quest to slow the sad cycle of overpopulation. NFA have provided an initial grant to support the sanctuary, and with your help will pledge continued monthly support. Please make a donation today.

Although there are laws against the dog meat trade in Thailand, they are poorly enforced. Criminals take full advantage and smuggle strays away to bordering countries to terrible deaths, and ultimately the human dinner table. Potato could easily have met this fate. With your support, Network for Animals also aim to effect stronger legislation and stricter enforcement in Thailand, to end illegal dog meat trafficking and the trade itself, just like our victories in the Philippines.


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