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In Montenegro, by law municipalities must have animal shelters, so the town council of Nikšić were forced to build one. Twenty kilometres from town, at the very top of a dangerous mountain road, they built a couple of cages then left, leaving behind a half-finished building and no water supply, in an isolated area.

No veterinary service, no water, no medicine.
The 'shelter' workers were given one instruction:
"When the cages are full, KILL THE DOGS!"

Astonishing and cruel. But true.

For all of us at NFA, and I am sure for you too, this is evil in action!

When four brave young women from a tiny animal welfare organisation called the Nikšić Association for Animal Protection (NUZZZ) arrived there, the only ‘medicine’ the shelter had was a drug used to kill dogs.

To their credit, the workers hated killing dogs and urged on by our NUZZZ heroines, Darija, Aleksandra, Marija and Vesna, they went on a no-kill strike. They told the authorities, they would not kill dogs.

So now, the women and a handful of workers, led by shelter manager Slavko Krivokapic, are doing what the town did not. They scrounge medicine and care for a steadily increasing number of street dogs. Alexsandra is a vet, so she’s a big help. It is a temporary respite because sooner or later the town would send other people to kill the dogs.

This is where, thanks to your support and hopefully continued support, Network for Animals came in…


My team met with Dragan Perovic, vice mayor of Nikšić. He explained the problem is money. Nikšić is a poor town in a poor country, there was no money to finish the shelter and the solution was to kill the dogs.

We could not stand idly by. We had to save the dogs and get them water and shelter, so we made a deal: Dragan will make the shelter an official no-kill shelter and finish the buildings, if we help with construction.

The most immediate challenge is water. At the moment, the town delivers water by truck, but that’s not going to work in winter because the road is a dirt track in places and so steep and slippery when wet, trucks can’t get through.

“When The Cages Are Full, KILL THE DOGS!” they were told.
"NO WAY!" said NFA.

If we don’t buy water tanks for the dogs before winter hits, dogs will die. It’s that simple.

I have made a promise for the dogs. Please as an animal lover, help me assist dogs in distress in Montenegro. Your donation will help get the dogs through winter, save countless dog lives far into the future and allow me to forge animal friendly policies in Nikšić, a huge rural area where people come to dump dogs from elsewhere.

Please help if you possibly can by making the most generous donation you are able today.

For the animals,


Brian Davies

PS: With winter rapidly approaching time is of the essence. Please, right away if possible, donate what you can to help NFA make good on my promise to help the poor dogs in Nikšić.


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