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You would never abandon Alberto... but someone did.

They dropped him and his sisters outside the Thai Animal Sanctuary. It sounds ruthless. It sounds coldhearted. It sounds cruel. It could have been much worse…

Alberto was in terrible health. But he was also was lucky someone cared enough to bring him and his sisters to our partners at the Thai Animal Sanctuary.

He was lucky a place even existed where he could go for safety and shelter in this remote, impoverished region on the Burmese border.

YOU made that possible, and I’m forever grateful.

But if you love cats, Alberto still needs you. Even $15, $25, or $35 from you today will help give the Thai Animal Sanctuary the means to care for him and all the animals there.

Every time I see what cats like Alberto face, it strengthens my resolve to help them. Without us they are alone on the streets, barely a stone’s throw from dog and cat eating countries like Vietnam and China.

They’ve been macheted... had their little bodies burned with boiling water...been poisoned and smuggled and strung up for human consumption, plus a hundred other awful fates.


The Thai Animal Sanctuary is working hard to change this for animals who would otherwise be written off and forgotten.  Cats like Alberto.  And so many, many poor dogs.

You can see why Network for Animals has pledged to support them.  And they rely on lots of local volunteers to stretch every dollar we send.

Except we can’t do it without you…

Please will you donate what you can now, to give abandoned animals like Alberto a life worth living? I know they are far away. But they need us just as much.

Even after all he’s been through, Alberto is such a handsome, friendly guy.  Still wearing his smart little black and white tuxedo and waiting for a forever home.

Other cats and dogs, though, won’t fare nearly as well if our partners at the Thai Sanctuary can’t reach them.  Staff are on the streets daily, saving lives and spreading the word about the humane treatment and proper care of companion animals.

Help Thailand’s street animals like Alberto now. There’s still time.

It’s difficult to imagine any abandoned cat as being lucky.  But to me it’s a sign that what you and I are doing is working in Thailand, because Alberto was brought to the sanctuary.

Your kindness now will make sure he gets proper care for as long as he needs. You’ll help keep the Thai Animal Sanctuary’s doors open for every cat or dog who arrives, hurting and alone.

No cat, no dog, should ever be without a place to go. Please give as generously as you can.

Thank you so very much for caring, today and always.

For the animals,


PS: Are you a true-blue friend to cats (and dogs)?  I know you are!  Please help Network for Animals continue to help the Thai Animal Sanctuary and all the cats like Alberto and dogs in their care.  Please donate what you can today. 


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