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I’ve written to you before about the laws already in place in the Philippines against animal cruelty, especially banning the sale of dog meat.

Making sure these lifesaving laws are consistently enforced is a daily struggle. When the laws aren’t enforced animals suffer and die in the most agonizing ways.

Recently, we met with Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, the “Pride of the Philippines,” internationally famous eight-division world boxing champion, animal lover, and now a senator, to begin a dialogue and to obtain his endorsement of our efforts to enforce existing laws against the dog meat trade there.

I am hopeful that our meeting with Senator Pacquiao is a breakthrough, and the first of what will lead to a close association.

But to press for the enforcement of existing animal welfare laws in the Philippines, my team must be able to remain on the job. Please donate to help us!

Senator Pacquiao’s heart for animals is what encouraged us to approach him. In fact he is known worldwide for famous training sessions with his trusty dog Pacman beside him.


He is even mentioned regularly as a likely candidate for vice president and then president, so this could be a giant leap for our work and for animals.

The senator has also been vocal in his condemnation of the cruel practice of organised horse fighting in the Philippines, which I’ve written to you about recently.

A follow up meeting is being scheduled for later this year. We must be ready. If anti-cruelty laws aren’t enforced and endorsed, there will be no way to protect the animals.

Stand with Network For Animals and Senator Manny Pacquiao in your condemnation of animal cruelty. Keep our work alive in the Philippines with your generous gift today.


Every life we save, every step forward, no matter how small,
is worth it!

I’ll update you the moment I can on any future meetings with the senator. Thank you in advance for your support of this critical part of our work.

For the animals,


P.S. The need to see animal welfare laws consistently enforced, and the need to connect with politicians like senator Pacquiao who are outspoken against animal cruelty, is vital to bring lasting change for animals in the Philippines. Your gift keeps us moving forward towards this noble and lifesaving goal.


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