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Your support in April brought comfort, care, nourishment and love to animals who have no one else. Here are all the animals you helped this month.

Valencia, Spain 

Bringing comfort and love to abused hunting dogs

Each year, thousands of Spanish greyhounds, or ‘galgos’, are discarded, often after being tortured by brutal hunters. Galgos are among the most abused dogs in the world. They are often used for a single season. After that, the ‘lucky’ ones are simply discarded on the streets… the unlucky ones are subjected to brutality of nightmare proportions.

We have partnered with two organizations who operate dog shelters and provide care to hunting dogs – Foundation Jadoul and Galgos del Sur. These remarkable organizations work tirelessly to provide the best possible care to animals in need. We reached out asking you to help us keep their doors open. You donated generously to help ensure we can continue to provide havens for these horribly abused animals. Thank you.

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Naivasha, Kenya

Helping donkeys saved from the brutal Chinese donkey skin trade

Our partner, the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA), rescued 62 donkeys saved from the horrors of the Chinese donkey skin trade. Confiscated by the Kenyan government, the donkeys were woefully neglected at the holding facility where they were kept – unfed, uncared for, and close to death. Two had already died. These beasts of burden endure the most terrible lives of misuse, abuse and suffering, yet they never complain.

We shared with you this tragic tale and quickly you stepped in to help us support them, donating to help ensure that they have food, veterinary care and safe shelter after everything they have endured.

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Corinth, Greece 

Three legs, big heart – giving Frida the dog a second chance

Frida – unwanted, dumped and hit by a car – was in urgent need of a leg amputation and critical care. Your heart went out to her and through your support, we will be able to cover the cost of her surgery and care. The last item on her wish list? A loving home of her very own.

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Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness

Your regular support helps us give even more to four-legged friends in need

Western Cape, South Africa - Vaccinations save lives! Your incredible generosity helped us spread the love to dogs in Macassar, Cape Town, together with Help A Paw. We were able to help fund a mobile clinic to provide life-saving vaccinations against distemper and parvovirus, along with the additional support of Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Thank you for helping us reach these very deserving four-legged friends. Read more…

Credit: Help A Paw

Northern Cape, South Africa - Keeping needy dogs cozy during winter. We have helped support dogs and cats in Calvinia since 2021, when we discovered the terrible conditions many endure in this poor, drought-ravaged farming town. You have helped them by providing food, treatment and sterilization, and your support paid for 50 durable, weather-proof kennels. Many of these animals have never before had a warm, comfortable place to sleep – so a big ‘woof’ of thanks to you from the sweet dogs of Calvinia. Read more…

Progress Updates

What we’re up to behind the scenes

Jordan, Middle East - Improving the future for the dogs of Jordan. We are working to help better the lives of dogs in Jordan, who are often treated with incomprehensible cruelty. With your donations, we are sterilizing as many dogs as we can reach, and providing food to the many dogs who roam the streets and have nowhere to go. We have joined forces with local influencers, who are leveraging their platforms to bring awareness to our work, and to the importance of compassion for animals. We promise to keep up our efforts and to keep you informed. Read more…

Credit: Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection

As always, your unwavering support is a beacon of hope for desperate animals around the world, and we are deeply grateful to you.

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