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We are happy to announce that we have successfully relocated 150 rescued donkeys to the life of their dreams.

In 2017, our partner, The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary in South Africa, intercepted the sale of nearly 300 donkeys on their way to an illegal auction for slaughter. We’ve been financially supporting the donkeys ever since. But the sanctuary was located in the harsh, semi-desert area of the Karoo. As a result, lack of food and water were a constant challenge, and eventually both simply just run out, forcing us to find another solution, fast. Fortunately, we found the perfect piece of land situated close to Plettenberg Bay. The farm is easy to access and has plenty of good quality grass and sufficient water for our beloved donkeys.


On the morning of their departure, three enormous carriers arrived, to be loaded with rescued donkeys heading for a new life. After several hours of effort, we managed to coax the donkeys and their foals into the trucks. Five hours later, they finally arrived at their new home. Cautious at first, the donkeys emerged, stunned, and then overwhelmed by the green paradise that lay before them. We watched with joy as the donkeys trotted into their new open space as if they could not believe so much green grazing was there for the taking. It's moments like these that make everything we do worthwhile. We may just have seen the happiest donkeys in the world!


Network for Animals has been fighting the cruel Chinese donkey skin trade in Africa for over four years. This barbaric practice sees thousands of gentle, defenseless donkeys brutally slaughtered and even skinned alive for their hides every year. The skins are dried and sold as counterfeit traditional medicine or 'ejiao' (pronounced “uh-jee-ow”) in Chinese markets. If this trade is left to go on unabated, it will wipe out donkey populations across the world, driving the creatures to extinction!

We could never manage to do this important work without you. We are deeply grateful for your support, as are the rescued donkeys. But thousands of donkeys still need our help. So please, donate to Network for Animals today. So many other precious donkeys may never know the beautiful life they deserve.


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