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Around ten million dogs and cats are killed and eaten by humans each year in China. Horrifyingly, they actually celebrate this shame at the annual Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat festival.

Dog lovers around the world are united in their condemnation of the annual festival which is due to begin in the Chinese city of Yulin today.
During the 10-day festival thousands of dogs will be killed and served as food.

Although residents of Yulin and festival organisers claim the dogs are killed humanely and that eating dogs is no different to eating pork or beef, animal welfare campaigners have shown via videos and photographs that many dogs suffer before being slaughtered.

In recent years, Yulin has become a focal point for animal welfare activists horrified by the brutality of the dog meat trade. This year, over three million people have so far signed an online petition aimed at shutting down the 10-day festival.

“We urge our supporters to join forces with animal lovers around the world to sign the petition,” said Political Animal Lobby (PAL) spokesman, David Barritt. “Small actions can have a powerful effect when people work together for the benefit of animals.”

PAL and its sister organisation, Network for Animals (NFA) have fought a two-decade long battle against the cruelty and criminality that characterise the dog meat trade in the Philippines.


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