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Earlier in December we reported on thirty-four baby elephants, seven wild lions and ten sable antelope trapped for sale and export from Zimbabwe.

On Friday December 19th, 11am we encourage all available animal lovers to join protests outside the Zimbabwe consulate in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and the Zimbabwe embassy in Pretortia, led by United Front 4 Animals, to demand the freedom of these trapped animals.

Featured in this news page are photos recently taken in the holding area, which is clearly unsuitable for these wild elephants, lions and antelope. It has been reported (though it is unconfirmed) that one of the baby elephants has already died. It is our belief that the animals will eventually be sold and exported to China, to be used for entertainment.

Please take part and share our petition to Walter Mzembi Minster of Tourism, Harare, Zimbabwe demanding the freedom of these animals today.


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