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Imagine being forced to give birth in a garbage-strewn ditch or rain-soaked street corner, then watching helplessly as your precious puppies grow weaker and more lethargic by the day.

Imagine being savagely hacked by a heartless human, knowing your tiny pups are on the way... knowing there is no one in the world who loves you and will come to your aid.

We URGENTLY need your help to keep three, stray mama dogs and their litters of newborn pups from losing their fight. Please, if you can, rush your support now!

We’ve written to you before about how, in addition to the work you support to end the horrific blood sport of horse fighting on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, thanks to generosity like yours, we also help local rescues like Cagayan de Oro Animal Rescue (CAR) there.

CAR is small, as you know, but tirelessly dedicated. They’ve been hit hard by the fallout around COVID-19 and need your help now to save three rescued mama dogs and their defenseless pups.

The first, Cara, would probably have lost the fight to keep her pups alive by now if it hadn’t been for their plaintive cries.

It was one of the CAR rescuers who first heard the sounds near the path she takes to work each day. The week, however, had been filled with drenching, heavy downpours. Try though she might, it took her days to locate the pups.


Finally, she found them! Eight helpless pups exposed in a garbage-strewn ditch, the only out of the way place that poor mama dog Cara had to protect them.

But they aren’t out of the woods yet. Cara and her pups need you, as do another 14 pups we rescued at the same time!

Your gift now of even $25 (£18) would go such a long way toward helping CAR pay for special foods and supplements and nurse this fragile family back to health. Please help if you can!

Then there is Bessy, who a CAR rescuer found begging for scraps on the streets. The moment she handed Bessy a bite to eat, the little dog hurriedly brought the food to a side alleyway.

What the rescuer found nearly broke her heart. Eight more starving pups spread across the pavement, so badly malnourished that their tiny bodies were listless.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Their desperate mama Bessy was literally begging for scraps to try and save them!

They were already on the road to starvation, and the nutritional needs of these pups will likely be the most costly of all. Whatever you can give now will help cover their expenses and be a true lifesaver for these sweet and struggling newborns.

This last mama dog will leave you asking how ANYONE could be so cruel to an innocent pregnant animal. Just days before she was to give birth, Missy was ruthlessly hacked!

One of the kindhearted CAR veterinary partners, Dr. Keeno, who often rescues strays in need of emergency care, found Missy.

He saw her very pregnant belly and the raw, wide-open gash on her side, and knew: he had to save her before it was too late for Missy and her pups!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please donate as generously as you can. Friends like you are the only ones their battered families can count on. They need food, medical care, and vitamins. The mama dogs need calcium meds, too, so they can nurse their beloved babies as they so long to do!

We know we may not be able to rescue every stray dog, or every newborn pup born to the streets. But to the dogs and pups that we do rescue, thanks to your caring and loving support, you are the miracle – the stroke of luck – they never imagined could come to their lonely lives.

For brave mama dogs Cara... Bessy... and Missy... and for the tiny pups they so desperately want to survive, please help today. Thank you so much for being their friend!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

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