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In January, Network for Animals was given a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to fill the bellies of thousands of starving street dogs in South Africa at a greatly reduced cost. A dog-food truck had overturned, and because of an outstanding insurance claim, the food had never been sent to its intended retailers. The warehouse where it was being stored needed the space back and was thus selling it at significantly lower-than-normal cost.

We jumped at the chance to purchase the food, but we knew we’d need your help. We reached out to our loyal supporters and your response was overwhelming!

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to purchase over 30 tons of desperately-needed dog food for nearly 3,000 dogs, and distribute it to these incredibly worthy organizations across the country:

  • 520 kg to Help a Paw in the impoverished area of Macassar, Cape Town, which feeds over 400 dogs. “So amazing! Thank you, thank you!" – Gigi Roper, volunteer.
  • 5 tons to Fur-Get-Me-Knot, which feeds 450 dogs in Westlake Township, Cape Town. "That is absolutely awesome! This will feed our dogs for a whole year! Thank you very much; I really do appreciate it." – Julie Marzio, chairperson.
  • 7 tons to TEARS, which feeds 300 street dogs. “That is truly amazing and awesome. We are so grateful, thank you so much!” – Mandy Store, operations manager.

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