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You’ve seen the news footage. Dogs and cats marooned on rooftops. Clinging to people in shoulder-deep floodwaters. Frantically swimming for their lives.

The winds have slowed. But Hurricane Harvey continues to dump rain on the Texas coast in the area around Houston. Not since the aftermath of Katrina have animals faced such danger here.

Weather reports indicate the monster storm will pick up more moisture as it circles the Gulf of Mexico and targets the same places it just devastated, with even more rain.

The animals of Texas (and Louisiana) need you now. They are trapped in places where their cries may fall on deaf ears. They are hungry and hurting and desperate.

Please give whatever you can, as quickly as you can, as generously as you can right now.

Network for Animals has pledged our assistance for the Houston SPCA (our first check is already on the way), the lead nonprofit agency responsible for animal-related response, rescue, and recovery in the region.

In just a few hours they will be activating their Animal Disaster Response Hotline, and with your relief donation we will in turn be rushing more financial assistance to them, to help.

Field teams and sheltering/care teams are on standby for official deployment, as is a 24-hour injured animal rescue team.

Know that my team is in close contact with people at the Houston SPCA. Donating to Network for Animals is the very best way to rush your support for the animals into the area. 

Isolated areas are expected to receive rainfall of 50 inches or more! Reservoirs are rising and overflowing. The disaster response is unprecedented.

Crews are urging residents to chop holes in their roofs with axes in order to bring themselves and their beloved animals to the highest possible point.

In the days ahead, crews will be pulling exhausted animals from floodwaters...speeding food and clean water to starving, suffering friends...and whisking as many as possible to safety and care.

The more resources they have, the more urgent work they can do. Please, please, stand by our side as we rush as much funding as possible to the animal heroes on the ground.

The animals and the rescuers of the Gulf Coast need you right now, today. Please tap or click here to help me help them.

I’ll update you as often as possible.

For the animals,


PS: Please be as generous as possible right now.  This is a crisis of monumental proportions.  The animals desperately need us.  They really, really do!


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