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The things we see are often heartbreaking, but the victories along the way make it all worth it. We are delighted to share that Duke, a greyhound we rescued from barbaric “taxi hunts” in South Africa’s Valley of a Thousand Hills, has been adopted and is slowly learning to trust humans again.

Known as “taxi hunts”, this cruel and barbaric sport sees groups of up to 30 men and packs of more than 100 starved, frightened, and maltreated street dogs set out to kill. Dogs in these hunts are deliberately starved; they are fed just enough to keep them clinging to life. These starving dogs are then sent to hunt small animals, ripping pieces from their victims while they are still ALIVE!

Upon investigating the situation, our team found Duke in terrible condition among a pack of hungry and desperate dogs. This sweet-natured boy was so frightened and in a lot of pain.

He was missing an eye, sick and bleeding. Our hearts broke for Duke as we witnessed his appalling condition and absorbed the horrific reality of the situation. We rushed Duke to the vet where he received the best possible medical care. After a long recovery, Duke has finally found his forever home.

Duke’s owners say that he still shows signs of post-traumatic stress from his previous life, but that he is slowly learning to trust again. Thanks to his new owner's love and care, Duke is showing his true nature: an adorable and friendly dog.

Thank you for your continued support; without it, we would never have been able to help dogs like Duke.


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