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The photo above was taken on our World Animal Day 2015 project, and shows two young girls, whose puppy we vaccinated against rabies. This was perhaps their first awareness of vaccination and modern animal care. This was just one one small step in our mission to improve the lives of animals around the world in 2015. And what a year it's been! NFA has helped save, and change the lives of thousands of animals in 2015. We did it thanks to your support and generosity. Thank you for being part of our team.

Defeating the dog meat traders 

Our brave team in the Philippines has fought tirelessly against the dog meat trade there, with a huge numbers of raids performed in 2015.  Thanks to our team, one of the key-players in this vile trade was recently arrested, along with his accomplice. Just days later, we raided two branches of a popular restaurant chain, Comiles. As suspected, dog meat was found on the menu, and in the kitchen. Network for Animals has now filed legal cases against the branch owners of the restaurants in question.  Our team are risking their lives fighting against this sick trade in dog meat. They have been threatened more than once. Many powerful people make money from this abhorrent cruelty. But our team won't stop fighting, and they can't do it without your support. Thank you!


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Organized Horse Fighting

It's not just the lives of dogs our team is  fighting to save in the Philippines. Horses desperately need our help there too. We recently celebrated a year of no Organized Horse Fights in Bukidnon and expanded our anti-Organized Horse Fighting campaign much, much further, with two more victories.  Something many thought couldn’t be done! NFA's veterinarian, Medino Yebron is now working directly with poor farmers in North Cotabato in the Southern Philippines. These farmers often allow their horses to be used in Organized Horse Fights in exchange for money. Dr Yebron reached an agreement with officials in the area, that in exchange for enforcing a ban on Organized Horse Fighting, Network for Animals will conduct free clinics for non-fighting horses. Veterinary care is expensive, and this is a great incentive for farmers to stay away from the evil business of Organized Horse Fighting. You helped us achieve this. Thank you!


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Fighting to Banish Bloodsports

This summer, we thwarted David Cameron’s plans to weaken the Hunting Act in England and Wales. His proposed changes would have sentenced thousands of UK wildlife to slow and painful deaths. We knew the Scottish National Party (SNP) held the key to stopping him getting enough votes. We also had to convince MPs in Cameron's own party to vote against him. NFA knew that the Labour Party, with one notable exception, would vote against Cameron.  Therefore we focused on MPs from the SNP and Conservative Parties, and along with our amazing supporters, we wrote to them in our thousands.  We petitioned the SNP to do the right thing for foxes, minks, hare and deer. We were all delighted when we discovered our determination and efforts had worked. The SNP announced at the eleventh hour that they would take part in the vote, rather than abstain as Cameron had hoped, and tried to bully them into doing.  He had no choice but to shelve his plans, humiliated.

Feeding and treating sick and hungry dogs in South Africa

NFA strive to help dogs all over the world. One project that was particularly moving this year, was our collaboration with TEARS, in South Africa. Indeed, we challenge you not to have a tear in your eye after watching our short film about the wonderful work they do.  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to provide a grant for TEARS, who work tirelessly in the poverty stricken area of Vrygrond. Now, with the permission of the owners, every dog and cat there is currently receiving veterinary care, and is being spayed/neutered. TEARS do their upmost to make sure no dog goes hungry either. You've helped us change the lives of thousands of animals.  Thank you for caring!


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