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During the month of love, you said "I do" to showing animals across the globe how big your heart is! Because of your support, we have been able to rescue and save so many precious and innocent lives during February. Here are just some of the ways your donations have helped all creatures, great and small:


Apollo - a scared little street dog - was deliberately hit by a sadistic driver for sport and left to die but, with your help, we were able to give him a second chance! When Apollo was found, he could barely drag his limp back legs across the ground. Dogs are not highly regarded in Jordan, and many people just do not care whether they live or die. But we care, and with your help, we are committed to changing this dreadful situation! Because of your generosity, we assisted with Apollo's veterinary care and will continue to stand by him until he has made a full recovery.


Also in Jordan, a few months ago we brought you the heart-wrenching story of Pepe, who was brutally tortured for allegedly chasing a group of children who threw stones at him, by being chained to a car and mercilessly dragged a long way along a road. With your help, we rushed emergency aid to Pepe, and against all odds, he made a remarkable recovery and is now just looking for a family he can call his own. Please share his story, and let's all help find sweet Pepe his forever home.


When we got word that a covert cadre of gamblers may soon attempt a series of vicious and illegal horse fights in deeply remote locations on the Philippines islands of Mindanao, we sprang into action. NFA met with the provincial police director of Bukidnon, in Mindanao, and are pulling out all the stops to put an end to the bloodthirsty betting and sadistic blood sport of horse fighting. With your support, we are currently building up additional funds to tackle these horse derbies head-on and save the lives of our equine friends.


South Africa

We and our partner TEARS braved the streets of Lavender Hill in Cape Town - a slum so dangerous that even the police and army are hesitant to enter. During our search and rescue mission, we found four puppies lying in a garbage-strewn backyard on the brink of death. Because of your donations, we could rush the pups to the TEARS clinic, where they received lifesaving medical care. Many more dogs and cats are living in Lavender Hill who are desperate for a lifeline, and with your continued help, we plan on returning to help as many as we can.



With temperatures reaching a low of -14 degrees Fahrenheit (-25.6 degrees Celsius) along the coast of Texas, thousands of endangered sea turtles faced imminent death. Subjected to these frigid conditions, turtles become paralyzed by the cold. After hypothermia sets in, the lucky ones wash up on beaches. The rest drown, die of shock, predation, or boat strikes. Animal lovers have been working around the clock to rescue as many paralyzed turtles as possible and transport them to the Sea Turtle, Inc. Rehabilitation Center in Padre Island for help. With your help, we are assisting the center with new water heaters designed especially for sick and injured turtles.



Lottie - a tiny blue-eyed pup - was found struggling alone near a local temple in Thailand. Instead of helping her, someone violently slashed through the bone of her leg. Two monks from Bangkok saw Lottie and rushed her to our partners at the Thai Animal Sanctuary. Sadly, her leg had to be amputated. With your help, however, we are ensuring Lottie gets the best medical care. We know she has a long road ahead of her, but we know Lottie will recover with your love and support.


When faced with tragic situations involving animals, it would be easy to say the problem is just too big. Not Network for Animals! We fight for every single animal's life. Thank you again for your generous donations, which have made these life-saving campaigns possible.

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