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The Network for Animals team was already in action as 2023 was rung in, racing to help animals in crisis around the world. As always, none of the work we do would be possible without your support. Here is how we put your donations into action during January.

Donbas, Ukraine

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, we have been on the ground helping animals and we will be there until the fighting is over. In January, you helped us raise money to help the construction of a critical animal shelter and veterinary clinic near the besieged region of Donbas. Together with our partner Vetmarket Pluriton, we are creating this sanctuary a safe distance from the fighting but near enough that we can rush injured and displaced animals to safety and provide critical care and emergency shelter to them. Thank you for helping to give refuge to the wounded, traumatized, homeless animals of Ukraine. Our vitally important work there continues. Read the original article


Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

Una was rescued by our partner, the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary in Thailand, and needed to be treated for a gruesome wound and sterilized. As the vet was about to operate, he discovered five mummified puppies in Una’s womb. A raging infection had killed her unborn babies and left Una sick, weak and almost certainly in agony. When we told you Una’s story, your heart broke for her as ours did, and you donated generously towards her treatment, as well as the care of many other street animals living at the shelter, rescued from terrible lives of neglect and abuse on the harsh streets of Sangkhlaburi. Read the original article.


Valencia, Spain

The Refugio SVPAP shelter in Valencia is seriously struggling financially and has almost closed twice - if that were to happen, the 270 dogs and cats in its care could face euthanasia. The animals living there so badly deserve a second chance: injured, traumatized, abused and unwanted, the only place they have is SVPAP. Your support poured in for these little souls and will help ensure that they are able to keep their home - the only safe, loving place they may ever know. Read the original article.


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Our partner MARES rescued Eeyore, a blood-soaked donkey spotted hobbling in a suburban area of Bulawayo. His pelvic bone and spine had been shattered by an ax, sending shards of bone into his body. Eeyore is one of countless donkeys subjected to unimaginable abuse in Zimbabwe, but now he - and 92 other rescued donkeys - are safe at MARES. We provide ongoing support to this hard-working organization, which we can only do thanks to your support. When we reached out to you, you responded generously to help us care for the animals at MARES, and for that, the donkeys are truly grateful.


Arusha, Tanzania

One of the most effective ways to prevent animal suffering is through sterilization. In January, we told you about our goal to sterilize up to 500 animals in Tanzania - one of the very worst places for a helpless, utterly defenseless animal to be born. Every animal sterilized means that up to THOUSANDS of innocent puppies or kittens avoid lives of abject suffering. With your support for this project, we will be able to help sterilize hundreds of animals in Arusha, Tanzania, and provide much-needed relief to their four-legged community. Read the original article.


Good news updates

Kwikwi - Arushu, Tanzania: Remember Kwikwi, the pregnant, pitifully skinny street dog from Arusha with a chronic tremor? Just look at her now!


(Not-so) hungry dogs - Corinth, Greece: Recently, we were able to provide desperately needed food to 32 dogs at a shelter in Corinth, Greece, through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness program, made possible entirely by your donations. Read more.


Filling bellies in the Balkans. You came through for the starving dogs of the Balkans. Just look at these happy faces and wagging tails!


Trebinje shelter update: You’ve been helping us raise money to build a proper shelter for the ‘rubbish dump’ dogs of Trebinje. We’re making great progress - as you will see here.


In the news

Truffle hunters in Italy poison competitors’ dogs in war for ‘black gold’. Read more.


Why science says you should pet your dog before you leave. Read more.


Thank you for joining us for a new year of life-saving campaigns for animals around the world. It is only with your support that we can continue to fight for the lives of animals great and small.

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