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We are pleased to report some good news! Natalie, the baby donkey, is in recovery and doing well.

After a bunch of cruel children tied a rope around the tiny helpless foal and dragged her down a gravel road in the Israeli region of Beersheba, it’s a miracle that Natalie has survived.

But thanks to your generous donations and the dedicated team at the Starting Over Sanctuary, who gave her 24-hour care and love, Natalie’s future is looking a lot brighter.

Alerted by soldiers who’d heard the anguished calls of the wounded and dehydrated baby, the Starting Over Sanctuary team took immediate action. When the little donkey arrived at the sanctuary, she was suffering from multiple injuries, extreme malnutrition, and dehydration. She was so weak that she could not even stand.

Now Natalie is so much better that Sharon Cohen, who is caring for her at the sanctuary, says the little donkey has even started to try play and shows signs of unique intelligence.

We don’t think it’ll be long before Natalie wins the heart of someone who’ll offer her a forever home.

Once again, thank you to all our supporters for the generosity towards Natalie’s care. Without it, Natalie’s future would have been grim, and our vital work would not be possible.

Donkey abuse in that particular part of the country is rife, which is why we are increasing our efforts and aid to try put an end to this senseless cruelty. Even though COVID-19 is making working in this part of the world challenging and restricting our ability to move around, we will not give up.

Your donations make all the difference. We, and all the donkeys of Israel, are deeply grateful for your ongoing support.

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