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Your support helped us reach thousands of animals during September. We filled hungry bellies, provided desperately needed shelter, and brought hope to countless animal souls. Here’s the incredible impact of your September donations.

South Africa

Several of our partners in South Africa approached us, desperate for food for the animals in their care. In this poverty-stricken country, unwanted animals are pouring into shelters every day. We reached out with a desperate plea for food, and you responded by filling bellies and bowls! Your support enabled us to provide a month’s worth of food to Fallen Angels in Cape Town, which cares for around 200 dogs, Roscan Sanctum in the Western Cape, which feeds 53 elderly and disabled dogs, and our partner in the rural farming town of Calvinia, which feeds around 150 township dogs a week. We were also able to send cat food to our Calvinia partner. Thank you for stepping up for the starving animals of South Africa. They are so appreciative of your love!

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Hangberg, South Africa

Recently, we asked you on social media for your help in raising money to buy kennels for Shaygam Newman’s rescued township dogs in Hangberg, South Africa. The dogs were sleeping outside in the bitter night air – or if they were lucky, in old kennels that were falling apart, and which were no match for the penetrating sea winds. Through your support, we were able to purchase 20 durable, weather-proof kennels that can each house up to two dogs. Now, Shaygam’s rescued animals sleep warmer, and more comfortably, during the long nights – thanks to you! 

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Arusha, Tanzania

In September, we met Kwikwi, a pregnant street dog in Arusha, Tanzania. She lives in a storm drain and has a serious neurological condition that causes her body to constantly shudder with tremors. Soon after we met her, she gave birth to seven puppies. One died immediately, but through your support, we were able to get Kwikwi and her six remaining puppies to safety at our partner, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA). Your support also paid for their food, medical care and shelter, and thanks to your kindness, Kwikwi and her puppies are safely off the street and being cared for by ASPA. The puppies will be homed when they are old enough, and we hope to find a loving home for Kwikwi, too.

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Mirongoine, Tanzania

During our team’s recent visit to northern Tanzania, we saw first-hand the terrible abuse that donkeys suffer, particularly those used to carry loads to markets. They walk up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) every day with no food and water, or respite from the blistering African sun – despite carrying hundreds of kilograms of weight on their backs to and from the market. The donkeys' most urgent needs are water and shade. Your support has thus far enabled us to build a shelter to protect at least 200 donkeys from the scorching sun, and we hope to build more shelter and get water into the troughs we have built. We know that people in Africa will continue to use donkeys to carry loads, but at least we can, as animal lovers, give the donkeys some desperately needed relief – and through your support, that is exactly what we have done, and will continue to do. 

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Misungwe, Tanzania

The Network for Animals team spent World Rabies Day, on 28 September, in the Tanzanian village of Misungwe, one of the many rural parts of Tanzania where rabies is a massive problem. Rabies is an awful disease, and death is often painful and prolonged – preceded by seizures, paralysis and coma. But the disease is easy and affordable to protect against. The problem is getting vets and vaccines to these remote areas. Together with our partners, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA) and community leader Sister Doctor Rosamystica Sambu, we traveled to Misungwe and vaccinated hundreds of rural dogs against the disease on World Rabies Day. With your continued support, we aim to reach thousands more across Tanzania over the coming months, giving them lives free of disease and suffering.

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Florida, United States

In late September, Hurricane Ian – a large, deadly and destructive category 4 Atlantic hurricane – made landfall along Florida’s Gulf Coast. As always, Network for Animals was on the ground, ready to evacuate and assist animals who would urgently need our help. We have assisted during many crises like this and we have the experience to get to the animals fast. As we watched the hurricane approaching, we reached out to you for support – in crises like this, it is your donations that keep us on the ground, helping displaced and terrified animals caught up in natural disasters. Thank you for donating generously so that we could help animals in dire need of help.

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South Korea
(exact location hidden to protect the dogs)

Recently, we asked for your urgent help in supporting Jindo Love Rescue in South Korea after a fire gutted the shelter and killed 20 of its dogs. Because many of its animals have been rescued from the region’s brutal dog meat trade, the cause of the fire is considered suspicious and is under investigation. The cost of treating the shelter’s surviving burn victims, combined with the expense of creating temporary shelter for the animals, meant Jindo Love faced the very real possibility of closure, leaving the dogs homeless and at grave risk once again. We turned to you, and you didn’t let the animals down. Thanks to your support, we can keep the dogs of Jindo Love safe and cared for while they recover from this horrific trauma and the shelter focuses on rebuilding.

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Image: Jindo Love Rescue

Cumic, Serbia

In Serbia, puppies are bred to be hunters, but those considered ‘unsatisfactory’ – who show fear or seem timid – are drowned or abandoned at shelters like the Vucjak Shelter in Cumic. We wanted to help this shelter, which currently has more than 1,500 dogs in its care, many of whom have survived this exact horror. Installing a water system would massively help them: shelter workers would spend hours manually decanting and distributing water to all the dogs. You helped us raise the funds needed to install the water system and now, shelter staff can dedicate more of their time to hands-on animal care and giving them the much-needed love they’ve never had.

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Latest Network for Animals news:

Vetmarket Pluriton Prisoners Released

We are deeply relieved that our three animal welfare volunteers, two men and a woman, from our partner Vetmarket Pluriton were on a NFA emergency evacuation mission in the war zone when they were taken prisoner. The volunteers were interrogated and suffered constant ill-treatment during their captivity. One of the men was brutally beaten and is seriously injured and receiving critical care. All are suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and have a long road to recovery. 


Image: Vetmarkt Pluriton

Puppy Rescued In Ukraine Finds Fur-ever Home (Her Friend Is Still Waiting Though…)

Snezkha and Bakhmusha were found by soldiers in Bakhmut, a heavily shelled and very dangerous area in Ukraine. Vetmarket Pluriton evacuated the puppies and relocated them to a shelter in Kyiv. Snezkha has been lucky enough to find a forever home, and her new family adores her. Bakhmusha is still at the shelter, hoping for a loving family to adopt her.


Your Support Has Helped Changed 500 Kitty Lives In Dubai

Recently, through our Gloria’s Acts of Kindness program, we helped contribute towards the care and sterilization of 500 street cats in Dubai. Dubai is known for its poor treatment of street animals, and these cats were in really desperate need of help. With the support of a kind-hearted volunteer on the ground, Helena Mav, many cats are now receiving badly needed care.

Once again, we thank you for being a friend to animals. Please know that you are the reason that so many dogs, cats and donkeys live better and more comfortable lives. We couldn’t do it without you!


Do you know about NFA’s Emergency Rescue Team?

It’s made up of caring people just like you who help animals by pledging a small donation to us each month. It’s these regular donations that get our help to where it’s needed most, when it’s needed most, so that animals in crisis don’t have to wait for us to raise funds. If you’re passionate about helping to end cruelty and suffering to animals, join us. Pledge your monthly donation – no matter how big or small – and keep us on the ground in crises, when animals need us most.


As always, thank you for being a friend to the animals when they need it most. None of our work, in any of the more than 20 countries we operate in, would be possible without you.

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