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Yet again, Network for Animals has had a busy and challenging month saving animals around the world. Without your generous donations, we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it. Here’s how your support helped hundreds of animals this September.


The animals of Kabul were thrown into crisis when US and British troops pulled out of Afghanistan in late August. While attempts to evacuate the animals failed at the eleventh hour, your donations enabled us to provide critical food, care and treatment for those left behind in the warzone, many of them abandoned by owners who had fled. Rescued animals also included ex-military and working dogs who had been in service up until the Taliban took control. The situation on the ground remains tenuous and extremely sensitive. We continue to work closely with our partner, the Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR), to ensure the safety of the animals still on the ground, as well as to plan for their evacuation.


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

We were alerted to a horrific case of cruelty in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Althea the donkey was axed 17 times for eating from a neighbor’s garden. After this vicious act of torture, she was set upon by a pack of dogs, who were simply obeying their owner’s orders. Althea was found hours later in a field, slowly dying of her horrific injuries. She was taken to the Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary (MARES) which we support. Her condition was critical, and her survival was touch and go. You came through for her to show her that humans CAN be kind and compassionate to animals, and you donated generously to her rehabilitation and life-saving surgery.


Harare, Zimbabwe

Earlier this year, our wonderful supporters came to the aid of almost 500 dogs, 145 cats and several other animals at the Friend Animal Foundation (FAF), which faced imminent closure after the death of its founder. Support poured in and helped change the lives of these animals. Thanks to this generosity, we were able to deliver almost two tons of desperately needed food to the shelter and also cover the cost of a full-time shelter employee to help treat and care for the animals. FAF does incredible work with the animals of Zimbabwe who, because of the country’s terrible economic state and the effects of COVID, have little hope of ever being adopted. They’ll live out their days at FAF - but, thanks to your support, they’ll have food to eat and a loving carer to look after them. Thank you for being their ray of light!


Little Melina is a victim of the wildfires in Athens last month. Caught in the flames, she had to run over burning ground to escape, which resulted in the pads on all four of her paws being almost completely burned off. She was taken to the Gerakas Veterinary Clinic, where vets doubted she’d walk again, unless they treated her with painstaking care every day. We knew that she was worth it, so we told our social media supporters about this sweet girl who endured agonizing treatment day after day. Our supporters came through for her, donating to her lengthy, costly recovery: twice a day, vets must clean, disinfect and re-bandage her paws. But, by doing this daily for two to three months, there’s hope that this sweet-natured, gentle girl might walk normally. Her treatment continues, and you can still donate to her ongoing care. Every $50 raised covers another day of treatment.



We told you about the dreadful peril facing 140 dogs in the town of Kolasin in Montenegro. The dogs live at Riki's Shelter which was founded by a kind, compassionate woman named Danijela Vuksanovic. Danijela pays for food and care for the dogs herself, but battling aggressive cancer, she is now unable to work and will soon run out of money to care for the dogs. Disgracefully, the local municipality gives Danijela no help even though they know she is desperately ill. They have made it clear to her that should she die, they have the legal right to kill all the dogs. We could not ignore this callousness and reached out to our supporters for help. Because of your generosity, we were able to provide enough food to get the dogs through the harsh winter and have promised to help save the dogs should the worst happen.



Earlier this week, we received shocking news from our partner in Uruguay, APA El Refugio. Four thugs armed with handguns, and obviously high on drugs, invaded the shelter while the dogs’ breakfasts were being prepared and attacked the staff and some of the dogs. The shelter is the only safe haven for animals in Montevideo and is particularly special to us because of the love and attention the volunteers give to elderly dogs there who have special needs. We financially support the shelter which relies on us and other animal lovers to pay its monthly bills, including expensive veterinary costs - which is why we were delighted to hear that a young vet from Venezuela offered to help at the shelter once a week. Unfortunately, on his first day, the vet arrived to a scene from hell. The thugs brutally attacked him, leaving him bleeding on the ground and tried to steal his motorcycle. The vet is making a slow recovery but is so traumatized that he is uncertain if he will ever be able to return to the shelter. We can only hope for the sake of the dogs that he recovers fully and quickly. We’ve dipped into our emergency fund and have sent El Refugio a sympathy donation of $1,000 (£730) to help during this difficult time.


Bonnievale, South Africa

When the Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary (HAHES) reached out to us for a rescue vehicle, we knew we had to help. HAHES monitors rural regions for donkey abuse, confiscating and rehabilitating animals who are poorly treated. Without a vehicle, it is incredibly difficult for them to conduct patrols, which help to save donkeys from terrible lives of suffering. Thanks to the support of animal lovers like you, we were able to provide HAHES with a reliable vehicle to help them continue doing their good work. HAHES says, …we were blessed to collect our new [vehicle] so kindly donated to us by the incredible Network for Animals. We are speechless and so overwhelmed by your kindness. We can never thank you enough for everything you do not just for us but for animals in need around the world.


Calvinia, South Africa

We were alerted to the plight of deathly malnourished dogs in the poor farm town of Calvinia, South Africa. An eight-year-long drought compounded by the devastating effects of COVID have left the animals with nothing – not even scraps to eat. The result is that these dogs experience prolonged suffering before dying, literally being born simply to starve to death. We couldn’t ignore this tragedy and reached out to our supporters for help. You were moved, and your generosity made it possible for us to rush emergency supplies and food to the area. We continue to work closely with our partners on the ground in Calvinia and plan to evacuate the worst cases so that they may be treated, rehabilitated and rehomed. Thank you for helping to save the starving dogs of Calvinia from death’s door!



A Network for Animals team and our partners, Protect Xai-Xai’s Furry Friends (PXXFF) and Vets on the Road, travelled to the poor village of Xai-Xai in the south of Mozambique to conduct a much-needed cat and dog sterilization and vaccination drive. The people of the region are desperate to sterilize their animals, but don’t have the means or access to do so. Thanks to our supporters' generous donations, we were able to pay for the sterilization of 24 dogs and 23 cats, and vaccination of 115 animals. It was a heart-warming and much-needed operation, as the animals will now be spared lives of difficulty and suffering, and those sterilized will live healthier, calmer and happier lives.


The Philippines and Thailand

Amid all the distressing news, we couldn’t wait to tell you that, thanks to your support, three dogs saved from Death’s Door have received their happy ending! First there was Lottie, a tiny little dog with a terribly slashed leg, who was rescued by monks in Thailand. NFA supporters helped to fund her emergency leg amputation and recovery, and she will soon be arriving at her forever home with a family in Kanchanaburi. Then there was Jack, the cancer-riddled Labrador who was discarded by his family when he got sick. Our supporters rallied again, and we were able to treat Jack and help him find a wonderful forever home with a family in Bulacan, Philippines. Finally, there was James, a story of abuse so atrocious, it remains a court case. Today, James is living with a family who adores him, and who is giving him a life of love and peace in the Batangas region of the Philippines. All these happy endings are thanks to the unfailing generosity of our supporters and their love for animals.


As always, these life-changing, life-saving campaigns are made possible by your kind and generous donations. Thank you for continuing to support our work so that we may fight to help every precious life possible.

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